Engineers Vacancies at MCG Mentor Group

Engineers Vacancies at MCG Mentor Group

A leading company for construction is hiring for its Branches in Nasr city and 6th of October the following jobs

Project Management Engineer Job Code (PME01)

Design engineers Job Code (De)

Metal construction design engineer (De02)
Network Mechanics Design Engineer (De03)
Network Electrical Design Engineer (De04)

Site engineers Job Code (Se)

Electrical Site engineer (Se01)
Mechanical Site engineer (Se02)
Architectural Site engineer (Se03)
Civil Site engineer (Se04)
Road engineer (Se05)

Technical office engineers Job Code (Toe)

Technical office Architect engineer (Toe01)
Technical office Structural engineer (Toe02)
Technical office electrical engineer (Toe03)
Technical office mechanical engineer (Toe04)
Technical office engineer of inventory and assays (Toe05)
Technical office engineer, contracts and specifications (Toe06)
DC- Document Controller (Toe07)

Other Jobs Job Code (OJ)

Surveyor (OJ 01)
Assistant Surveyor (OJ 02)

Kindly Send Your CV at:
With mail subject: (candidate Name) – (Job Code)