Nirvana Holding Careers

Nirvana Holding Careers

NOW – Nirvana Over The World Careers

We are currently hiring for Geeks to join us in the following positions

SEO Specialist

Graphic Designer

Web Developer

Video Animator

Video Editor

All positions require 3 years of experience along with excellent level of English language

We offer attractive salaries, benefits, and medical insurance

For those who are interested to apply, please send your CVs to the following email:

If you are not holding the experience to be matching with these vacancies, please share the post to reach those who are currently matching

About Nirvana Holding

N.O.W is the advanced travel – oriented platform that has been tried and tested by tourism Industry experts and created specifically for B2B wholesalers, travel agencies, OTAs and DMCs.

N.O.W Platform increases your operational agility, upgrades your daily business activities, services that improves your bottom-line results.